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Crawley Friends Housing Association



Camfield assists homeless people in accordance with Quaker principles of justice, equality and community by providing temporary accommodation for single adults and helping them to manage their lives so that they are able to live independently.


Camfield is managed by the charity, Crawley Friends Housing Association (CFHA). It is an exempt charity registered under the Provident and  Industrial Societies Act: Register No. IP 18128R, and soon to be registered with the Charity Commission.


Telephone: 01293 534138

Email: Contact us here

Post & Enquiries: Camfield, Langley Lane, Ifield, West Sussex, RH11 0NB

The Charity, CFHA, and the Trustees

Crawley Friends Housing Association, CFHA, is the name of the charity.  Camfield is the name of the building. The trustees of CFHA are the non-remunerated management team that employs the staff, manages the facilities and ensures that CFHA achieves its charitable aims.  

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